Choose the perfect cut and style to achieve true elegance

“When you see a woman wearing a great pair of trousers, somehow it looks more attractive than a short skirt and heels,”


Today, trousers seem to be more popular than ever. It’s worth investing time (and money) to clinch the perfect pair. “Trousers traditionally take more wear than any other garment,”


Fabric: The most important things to consider are, the fabric, the cut and how the trousers feel. Lining depends on the fabric, and some materials look just as good without it. “A good stretch crepe or a soft flannel doesn’t have to be lined, but a heavy tweed does,”



What’s important is that the trousers fit properly.

Leg length is key to the way a pair of trousers fall and how fashionable you want to look. Classic Oxford bags and other slouchy trousers look best worn slightly long, so they just miss the ground when you walk.


Make sure pockets sit flat on the hips and over the bottom. This will give you a slimming, unbroken line from leg to ankle.


Always go for a waist that fits: if it gapes at the back (a hazard if you have a hollow back), moves on, or ask if the trousers can be altered.

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